Meals For People

We are calling for your help to make our impact stronger in donating nutrient-rich meal packages to food insecure populations as well as to hospital heroes at USC Medical Center. There is not a shortage of food in Los Angeles, but there is a big problem with access to it, especially to healthy food.
Each Monday we are committed to making these deliveries with food packages that serve up to 3 or 4 people for vulnerable families to take home. These meals are fully cooked in case recipients do not have kitchens, many do not.
We are working hard to support our small, local farmers and ranchers like Pasture Bird, who in the best of times struggle to stay economically healthy, and now with their big restaurant accounts shut down, they need our support more than ever.

To receive a tax receipt for your donation for these efforts, please follow the below directions and thank you:


  • Go to Violence Intervention Prevention donor page HERE
  • PLEASE make sure to specify your donation by clicking: I would like to dedicate this donation
  • PLEASE make sure to specify the tribute name as HEIRLOOM LA MEAL PROJECT
  • PLEASE forward your donor confirmation to
  • PLEASE give yourself a hug, because I can’t right now but I will someday.